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marketing-planThe Free Marketing Advice site is a free site for business owners and online marketers who  wish to increase traffic to their sites and get a boost in sales using unique and proven marketing techniques.

The free marketing techniques you’ll learn here are not for the everyone. My experience in marketing is from a direct response and direct mail background. I started writing ad copy and lead generation advertisements before anyone had the bright idea that the Internet, which is a series of tubes, was a good place to build a business and get new customers world wide.

The marketing techniques I discovered and tested through research and spending my own money offline was quickly used online. I learned many lessons. Some of them were and are still painful. But it was a road that one must travel if they want to uncover loads of new customers and get free traffic, and convert paid traffic.

I’ll share many of my old and new secrets with you. I hope you find it helpful. I know you will if you actually try some of the stuff I teach. But keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed and failure is a distinct possibility. But we are in marketing and selling, and anyone who has spent time in this area knows that it’s just like being an entrepreneur…it IS being an entrepreneur. So if you can’t takes risks or are afraid of failure then this may not be for you.

The good news is risks don’t have to involve tons of money. It can be more about losing time. For example, if you spend a lot of time on a website but it’s not getting traffic and making money, and you haven’t spent very much money building it, then you’ve lost time and not money (oh, and if you have a site that’s just creeping along you can flip it around using some proven Internet marketing techniques I learned).

Enough of my rambling. Get on my list, and sign up for the feed. I need to get some coffee. Read and enjoy, ask questions, have a wonderful life.

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